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Did you know that there is a Sizzler in Japan?
It has about 10 stores in Japan, mainly in the Tokyo area.

We went to Sizzler Fuchu. The Chofu and Fuchu area is a bit far from the CBD. Unlike the central Tokyo area, it is a family-oriented area with spacious parks and large facilities such as the Tokyo Racecourse and soccer stadiums scattered throughout the region.

The all-you-can-eat salad bar is the main attraction of Sizzler.
The salad bar provides over 70 kinds of food including pasta and tacos, so it’s no problem to only order the salad bar to satisfy your stomach.
However, we were hungry and craving meat so we ordered the “Triple Meat Combo”.
Then we quickly went to the salad bar.

There is a variety of salad and fruit, and they all look fresh. Even the potherb mustard, which tends to lose its firmness, is firm and crisp all the way to the tips of the leaves.
The cabbage is not raw, but pre-boiled. The cucumbers have been peeled in stripes.
There are also a variety of dressings and toppings to enhance the salad.

Recently, I’ve been feeling like I’m not eating enough salad, which is a common problem among modern people. So I was happy to be able to eat a lot of fresh vegetables. The grilled dishes were hearty and the accompanying mashed potatoes were very tasty! The taste of the meat was quite different from that of general restaurants in Japan and we were satisfied.

The only disadvantage of Sizzler is the price.
At a typical Japanese restaurant such as Denny’s or Jonathan’s, the budget per person is ¥1,000-¥1,500, but at Sizzler you will need about ¥5,000 per person.
However, since you can enjoy high quality meat and vegetables, why not splurge once in a while?