BigBoy (Reasonable Family Restaurant) !

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We went to Big Boy Futakotamagawa.
There are various family restaurants, but I think it is quite cozy among the family restaurants I have been to recently.

5 Reasons to Recommend 
1.  Inexpensive prices for meat dishes!
2.Low set prices for salad bar and soup bar etc.!
3.Free salad, soup, rice, curry and drink for children under elementary school age!
4. “Kids passport” allows them to get a dessert for each visit!
5.  Discount coupons are also available!

Inexpensive prices for meat dishes!

The last time I ate at a family restaurant was at Sizzler, and I was surprised by the price difference.
At Big Boy, you can find hamburg steak, chicken, and other meat dishes starting at under 1,000 yen!

I was in the mood for meat, so I ordered the “Greedy Triple Grill” (1,290 yen excluding tax), which includes a hamburger steak, chicken, and beef steak. My wife wanted sausage, so we ordered “Grilled pork & Japanese sausagethe pork grill (1,190 yen excl. tax)”.
Those are menu items in the high price range at Big Boy.

“Greedy Triple Grill” (1,290 yen excluding tax)

“Grilled pork & Japanese sausagethe pork grill” (1,190 yen excl. tax)
“Onion rings & crispy fries”(390 yen excl. tax)

Various bars are also inexpensive!

And when you look at the set menu, you will be surprised at how inexpensive it is.
All-you-can-eat vegetables + all-you-can-drink soup for 360 yen is cheap, right?
I ordered the “B” set because I am deficient in vegetables.

Here are the contents and prices of the various bars:

Set A: Soup bar + rice bar + curry bar 360 yen (excluding tax)
Set B: Salad bar + Soup bar 360 yen (excluding tax)
Set C: Salad bar + Soup bar + Rice bar + Curry bar 490 yen (excluding tax)

The salad bar section includes lettuce mix, cabbage mix, seaweed salad, macaroni salad, corn, edamame, potato salad, pasta, chopped tomatoes, okra, radish salad, tofu salad, broccoli, orange, pineapple, coffee jelly and more. Is this really 360 yen?
It’s so extensive that you’ll wonder if it’s really that cheap.

Next to the salad bar is a rice & curry bar.
My family tried garlic rice with curry. This alone would be worth the 490 yen (lol) which is Set C price.

Kid-friendly with various special offers

What surprised me the most is that the salad bar, soup bar, rice bar, curry bar, and drink bar are all free for children under elementary school age. This is great for families!

Big Boy also has a special offer called the Kids Passport (elementary school age and under), which gives you a free dessert. The first 1-3 times it’s ice cream, but by the 5th time it’s upgraded to a parfait!
This has set a goal for my family to come to Big Boy 5 times lol!

In addition, there is a coupon on the official app that offers a 200 yen discount on children’s menu items. There was also a coupon for 100 yen off the drink bar by answering a survey.

So today I was able to fill up on meat and salad.
Why don’t you all visit your a Big Boy once on your day of meat cravings?