Jindaiji Temple (Day trip from Tokyo)

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Jindaiji Temple


Jindaiji Temple is located in Chofu City, Tokyo.
It is an old temple in Tokyo, second only to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, and has the oldest statue of Buddha in eastern Japan.
It has the oldest statue of Buddha “Shakyamuni Buddha” in eastern Japan and was designated as a national treasure in 2017.

Take a bus from Chofu Station on the Keio Line (about 20 minutes from Shinjuku by limited express) and get off at the “Jindaiji Iriguchi” stop.
You will be amazed at the tranquility and abundance of nature here, so much so that it is hard to believe that you are in Tokyo.
There are several springs here, and the water was suitable for growing soba (buckwheat noodles), which is why the area around Jindaiji became famous for soba.

If you just want to visit and look around the main hall and Shakado Hall, 30 minutes is enough time, but it is recommended to spend 2-3 hours wandering around to see the spring water, eat soba noodles and sweets, and extend your visit to the Jindai Botanical Garden.

As you enter the approach to the temple, you will find soba noodle shops and Japanese confectionery shops, and you will feel a typical Japanese atmosphere.

There is a lot of greenery, and the water is beautiful and relaxing.

The Gansan Daishi Hall is located next to the main hall. A statue of Jiei Daishi (Gansan Daishi) is enshrined in the hall, which is said to be beneficial in warding off bad luck.
Nearby, visitors can see the oldest national treasure in eastern Japan, a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha (Hakuho-butsu).
This Buddha image is said to be from the 7th to 8th century, and I felt its beauty and dignity.

After visiting the temple, we went to this soba noodle restaurant.

It was relaxing to enjoy the greenery and water of Jindaiji while eating soba noodles.
My daughter also seemed to like this scenery.

After lunch, we had Mitarashi dumplings at a restaurant near the soba restaurant.
The dumplings were baked on the spot and served as they were.

After lunch, we went walking.
We walked to the Jindai Botanical Garden on the north side of Jindaiji Temple.

Jindai Botanical Garden

A five-minute walk from Jindaiji Temple brings you to the entrance of Jindai Botanical Garden (Jindaiji Gate). The admission fee is 500 yen for adult and 200 yen for child (Jr. high school students).