Seasonal Special “Unagi Kamameshi” at Hanaya Yohei

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About ”Hanaya-Yohei”

What is Hanaya Yohei?
It’s founded in 1986, Hanaya Yohei is a Japanese restaurant with about 130 outlets mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
It is one of our family’s favorite restaurants, because we can enjoy Japanese food at relatively reasonable prices.
I heard that Hanaya Yohei’s seasonal “Unagi Kamameshi” was very popular because the day for eating eel was coming soon. I went to eat it immediately, and here is a brief report.

After taking a seat, I checked the seasonal menu.
I found the “Unagi Kamameshi” (1,490 yen excluding tax).
I think this price is quite inexpensive with a drink bar included.

The kamameshi set was served quickly, but we could not eat it yet.
Wait about 25 minutes for the rice to be cooked.

After 25 minutes, it is ready! It is more authentic than I expected, and it increases my appetite.
A guide paper on how to eat it is also included.
It is delicious eaten as is, but you can add 3 kinds of condiments (nori, wasabi, and green onion) on top according to your preference.

Finally, pour broth (called as “golden soup”) over it and eat it like chazuke (rice with green tea).
It is very satisfying to be able to enjoy three tastes in one bowl.

Incidentally, my wife ordered the “Umami Spicy Nabeyaki Udon” (1,190 yen + tax).
It was also delicious.

Here is dessert. Shiratama Cream Anmitsu (550 yen+tax).

My wife had the Uji green tea parfait for 650 yen+tax.

Marugame Seimen is good, but if you want to eat a variety of Japanese food at a leisurely pace,
I recommend “Hanaya Yohei”.
You can enjoy a variety of Japanese dishes such as udon, soba, katsudon, tendon, and sashimi at reasonable prices.
There is also a wide selection of desserts, which are popular among women and children.
Why not choosing “Hanaya-yohei” when you are in Tokyo ?