Tokyo Racecourse (JRA)

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Tokyo Racecourse, also known as Fuchu Racecourse is a horse racecourse of the Chuo Horse Racing Association located in Fuchu City, Tokyo. The race track is operated and managed by the Japan Racing Association (JRA).

Today we went to Tokyo Racecourse. We didn’t go there to watch horse races, but because the playgrounds inside the stadium have a good reputation in various media.

First of all, I arrived at the racecourse parking lot a little after 9:00.
It might be safer to come by train, as it was likely to be full in a few more minutes.
(*The time the parking lot fills up depends on whether the racetrack is hosting a race, or whether the race is a well-known race, etc).

Tickets for the general viewers went on sale at 9:40 a.m. There was a long line waiting to get in, and we thought we would have to wait a bit, but it went surprisingly quickly and we were able to enter the venue within 10 minutes.
It seems that if we had registered in advance, we could have used the app to issue tickets, which would have allowed us to enter even faster.

Straight down a pathway called the “Babanai walkway,” we found the Playground with beautiful playground equipment. I thought it was quite nice because I could watch the races while playing on the playground equipment.
However, the temperature was over 30 degrees Celsius today and the sun was shining hard.
I found a server with free tea and water and took a break to play with my daughter.

Hot and a little tired, we tried to watch the race from our seats in the stadium, but it seemed that all seats in the stadium were reserved and you had to issue a ticket through the app to sit in the stadium. We decided to stand at the bottom of the stadium to watch the race and leave.

For those who want to stay longer, there are spaces throughout the stadium where you can eat lunch and enjoy your day.