Yuzawa Nakazato Snow Resort for Family

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Yuzawa Nakazato Snow Family

Yuzawa Nakazato snow resort has a wide ski area.
It is suitable for beginner and family.  There are two snow escalators in Angel gelande.

We go skiing to Yuzawa area every winter season, and found out that Nakazato Ski Resort is recommended for families, so I would like to introduce its contents.


Angel Gelande

The Angel Gelande is on the far right and there is a 100-meter escalator.
This is a safe slope for beginners.
The daily fee for this escalator is 1,800 yen, which is cheaper than a one-day lift ticket.

We often practiced many times on this gentle slope in 2022.

Once you get used to skiing, we recommend the Smile Course along the 3rd lift.
The course is over 1 km long, but there are no steep slopes, making it ideal for beginner skiers.

Nakazato Ski School for Kids

There is also a kids class for ages 4 and up. They practice skiing on gentle slopes and learn to stop first.
The class lasts about 90 minutes and is offered twice a day, from 10:00 a.m. and 1:15 p.m.
Reservations are not required, and you can register directly at the ski school on the day of the class.
Our plan for my daughter was to take a lesson first at the ski school and then practice on the Angel slope.

We skied on the Smile Course along the 3rd lift many times as we were getting used to ski.
It is a long run of over 1 km with no steep slopes, so even beginners can enjoy skiing.
My daughter was very determined even after skiing all day.

Blue Train Rest Area (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays only)

There is a blue train in the center of the ski resort that can be used free of charge for rest.
On weekends, when the ski area is crowded, I bought my lunch in advance and ate it here.

Guest House White Inn Suzuya

We often stay at minshuku (private residences), as our budget is around 10,000 yen range per person, per night on Saturdays and Sundays.
This time, even though it was a three-day weekend in February, it was 13,500 yen per night with two meals.
My daughter was chrged as an infant, so it is 3,000 yen.

The Japanese-style room is 6 tatami in size and has a kotatsu, giving it the feel of an traditional guest house.
It is good that there are strings attached so that you can dry various items such as ski wear.
There is also a drying room on the first floor.

Dinner is local rice, sukiyaki of local pork, and flounder,
It is well-stocked with simmered dishes, soup, pickles, and more.

Breakfast is like this. Salmon and wieners.

Guest House My House Nakaya

The last time we stayed here. This is my house, Nakaya. This guest house is a family atmosphere and the food is homemade.
It is a bit far from this inn to the ski resort, so the house provided a shuttle bus service to the ski resort.

私の家 中屋
This is also a 6-mat Japanese-style room. At that time (2022), it was 11,000 yen per night with 2 meals on Saturday and Sunday,
Now (2024) it is 13,500 yen, and the price has gone up a little.

Dinner was like this. There were plenty of items to fill me up.
There were also some simmered dishes that we could have another serving of.

Breakfast. Salmon and rice, seaweed, yogurt, and Japanese general menu is covered.


I have eaten at several Nakasato Ski Resort restaurants, but I think Paolino near the Angel slope is the best.
The beef bowl and other menu items are quite ordinary, but the pizza was delicious.
The price is over 2000 yen, but I think it is worth it.

As for the beef bowl, it is what is called a traditional ski resort meal (nothing special).