Yatsugatake Trip:2nd Day

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Ikenodaira Family Land

On the second day of May 4th, we visited Ikenodaira Family Land. When traveling with my daughter, unlike when I was single, it is important to visit children’s playgrounds.
This place is divided into four areas: an amusement park area, a zoo area, a museum area, and a flowers and plants area.

At my daughter’s request, we decided to start from the amusement park area. However, in the afternoon, we sometimes had to wait up to two hours for the most popular attractions such as driving carts and jet coasters.
So we could not ride all the attractions. Despite waiting in line for the attractions, we enjoyed this place with happiness.

In the evening, to avoid the crowds, we played putting golf which was quite fun. You can enjoy mallet golf as well as putting golf.
There are 18 courses, and it is recommended for children’s golf debut.

Reference: Ikenodaira Family Park