Easy hike to Mt. Tsukuba with family

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Mt. Tsukuba has recently become popular not only among climbers but also among many tourists.
Tsukuba is an enjoyable spot even for families with children, as it is easily accessible near the top by ropeway or cable car.

Ita takes 1.5 hours to Mt. Tsukuba from Tokyo by car, so a day trip is possible.

If you park at the Tsutsujigaoka Station parking lot, you can take the ropeway right to the top of the mountain.

<Tsutsujigaoka Parking>
There are 388 car-parks. No problem even on weekends.

Ropeway to Mt.Tsukuba

The Mt. Tsukuba ropeway connects Tsutsujigaoka Station (542m above sea level) and Nyotaisan Station (840m above sea level), a distance of 1,296m, in about 6 minutes.
The ropeway operates every 20 minutes, and each car can accommodate up to 70 passengers.

If you have decided to use the round-trip service, you may buy a round-trip ticket.

This time of year was November, so we could see the autumn leaves from the window.

In no time at all, we arrived at Nyotaiyama Station (840m).

The top of Mt. Nyotai (877m above sea level)

From Nyotai station, the summit of Mt. Nyotai is only a few minutes away,
The area near the summit was crowded with tourists, so you will have to wait in line.
(It would be better to visit on a weekday if possible).

After an hour of waiting, we arrived at the summit of Mt Nyotai.
What a photogenic view! I was impressed.

Next, we moved on to Mt. Nantai. We could enjoy the autumn leaves in places.

On the way there, there is a strange stone called “Toad’s Stone,
Throw pebbles into its mouth and play with them.

There is a plaza called Miyukigahara between Mt.Nantai and Mt. Nyotai, where you can take a rest.

The specialty here is Tsukuba Udon. I did not expect it, but it was surprisingly delicious.

There is some steep climbing toward Mt. Nantai, so be careful.

The top of Mt. Nantai (871m above sea level)

When you see this shrine, you are already at the summit. If you proceed to the back side of this shrine,

You will have a panoramic view of the Kanto Plain.
This side has more space and was not so crowded.

We have now conquered the tops of both Nantai-yama and Nyotai-yama.

Bando Taro – Ibaragi Local Family Restraynt Chain

On my way home, I stopped by the Tsukuba branch of Bando Taro, a famous restaurant in Ibaraki.

It is a Japanese family restaurant, but I feel the taste and quantity are better than those in Tokyo.

A hot pot was very nice to warm your body after hiking in winter.

(Bando Katsu Nabe set :1848 yen including tax)

The children’s plate is also well enough.
(Koala set : 858 yen including tax)

Mt. Tsukuba climbing itinerary (using ropeway)

This is a process that allows a day trip without problems, even if you leave Tokyo around 9:00 a.m.

10:40 Mt. Tsukuba Tsutsujigaoka Parking
11:00 Board the ropeway
11:06 Arrive at Mt.Nyotai Station
11:15 Depart from the station
12:30 Climb to the top of Mt. Nyotai (including waiting time)
12:50-13:30 Rest at Miyukigahara
14:00 Summit of Mt. Nantai
15:00 Arrive at Nyotaiyama Station
15:06 Arrive Tsutsujigaoka Station (parking)

There are not so many 100 famous mountains that can be easily climbed with a family,
so why don’t you give it a try?

If you are an adult or a child with physical strength, you may want to try climbing the mountain on your own feet instead of using the ropeway or cable car. The trip should take about 4 hours.

There are various other oddly shaped stones and you may feel close proximity to nature.