UFO Yakisoba workshop at Yomiuriland

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Yomiuri Land’s “Goodjoba!!” is a relatively new area opened in 2016 where visitors can experience various workshops. We have experienced the UFO Yakisoba workshop and report our experience on this blog.

“Goodjoba!!” in Yomiuriland is an area themed after “monozukuri,” or Japanese craftsmanship.
The area is made up of factories that reflect 5 familiar industries: automotive, food, fashion, bungu (stationery), and space (universe).Unlike at typical amusement parks, here you can learn about the processes behind manufacturing while enjoying attractions, making it perfect for a family trip in Tokyo! Each factory also offers a daily workshop where you can get hands-on experience with manufacturing!

(Source: Official HP)


I always go to Yomiuri Land by car, but parking can cost 1,500 yen on weekdays and 2,000 yen on weekends and holidays,
For comparison, I accessed Yomiuri Land Station on the Keio Line.

When you arrive at the station, there is a gondola station on a slightly elevated hill.


The gondola fee is 500 yen round trip for adults. One way is 300 yen (same for children).

For a family of three riding the gondola, the gondola fare was 1,500 yen. Parking at the station was 500 yen, so the total cost was 2,000 yen.
As a result, it was the same as the parking lot at Yomiuri Land (2,000 yen on weekends and holidays).

After a while, the amusement park came into view.
It was different from the scenery we usually see, and it was fun to see the whole view of Yomiuri Land.
If you are a first time visitor, it might be a good idea to take a gondola ride.

First, we went to experience a workshop to make “Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O.”.

First, we paid 500 yen at the reception desk and my daugter designed the cover.

Once completed, the process of making yakisoba begins.
Pass the lid to the staff inside and make sure the noodles and sauce go in.

Then select four ingredients from many options such as shrimp, cabbage, egg, chashu pork, carrots, squid and chicken, etc.

The lid is then put on and the packaging process begins.

Then, finally, air is added and packaged.
It was completed in no time. The picture on the lid is also cute, isn’t it ?

On my way home, we stopped by the Stationery Factory in the same Gjoba area.
They offered to make an original notebook for 400 yen.

My daugter used a variety of materials and make her own decorations.
My daughter likes flamingos, so she designed it with pink origami paper.
It turned out quite cute, and my daughter was satisfied.

Since it was hot this time, we did not ride many attractions, but mainly did workshops inside the building.
During the hot season, it is not bad to play inside ?